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Accreditations & Certifications

As a Coach Geo Slam has been Accredited and Certified by several Professionally Reconditioned Bodies, Associations and Academies.

Among them The APC – The Association for Professional Coaching, In Association with European Community for NLP and the International NLP Federation.
(With them he holds a “Professional Membership” Status and is therefore, by their own consent, subject to the codes of professional conduct and regulation of said body and entitled to the rights and associated support thereof)

The KEW Training Academy - Accredited by CTAA,

The Transformation Academy - Accredited by the CPD,

Cardone University

Professional Spirituality Coaching

Awaken and Explore the Spiritual Side of Life. A Personal Spiritual Journey. A Spiritual Philosophy. The Purpose Of Life, The Chakras and Connecting Within. A Daily Meditation Lifestyle to Open your Heart, Meet Your Spirit Guide and ”Cut” The Karmic Energy Cords. Incorporating ”Spirituality” Into a New Lifestyle.Going ”Deep and Beyond” the Conditioning to Explore ”The Real Inside” – ”The Spiritual Self”. Healing and Self-Development Modalities.  Understand and Heal Emotional Wounds. Find True Self-Love and Build Healthier Relationships with Yourself and Others.Techniques to find Peace and “Harmony Within” and Personal Transformation. “The Meaning” of the Soul having a Physical Experience. “Break Free” and write a different ”script” for YOUR Future.

▶Combine Practical Psychology, Neuroscience and Spirituality

▶Transform Mindset and Create Breakthroughs by Awaken The Conscious
and Authentic ”Self”

▶Transform Into Purpose and Fulfillment

▶“Align” and Combine Spirituality with Practicality to Discover the Personal “Soul Goal”

▶Create a Personal Path to Inner Peace, Success and Happiness.

Life Coaching

Life Stability to keep your Personal, Social, Financial, and Emotional Life in proper order. Control your Emotions, have Sound Relationships, Better Finances, Choose the Right Career and have a Fully Lived Purposeful Life. Achieve Personal and Career Goals. Self-Development Techniques for Self-Discipline, Self-Motivation, Accountable Behavior, and Creating Meaningful Goals.Tap into a “Growth Mindset” with In-Depth Life Coaching Processes designed to Achieve Specific Outcomes.Awareness, Mindfulness, Positive Self-Dialogue and Self-Talk. Emotions and Beliefs. Decision-Making and Taking Action Techniques. Overcoming Fear, Create Change, Find Passion and Purpose.

▶G.R.O.W. Model

▶SMART Goals


▶The Five-Step Success Process Values-Centric Coaching

▶Solution Focused Coaching

▶Secondary Gain Coaching

Timeline Coaching

The" Timeline" Technique is a Self-Administered Reporting Format that uses a 'Timeline' to Provide a Structure for Remembering. It has been developed to respond to Particular Challenges in Eliciting Information about Complex or Extended Events.
The" Timeline" Technique is a Powerful Methodology used in both Coaching and Therapy and Evolved from Hypnosis and made its way to NLP over time.
It is based on The Basic Concept that Humans store their Experiences and Memories in a Linear, Chronological Pattern in an Internal Memory Storage System.
Visualize the Future, leading up to your Goals. Focus and Elaborating Plans, Reject Limiting Beliefs and Create Short Term Goals that eventually Accumulate the Long Term Goals. Objectify The Concept of" Time" in The Mind and prepare for the Future and Mould Expectations.

Effective Use Of Timeline Coaching Techniques Is When:

▶Working with Anxiety

▶Working with Negative Emotions

▶Creating A Compelling Outcome

▶Remove Undesired Negative Emotions, such as Fear, Anger, Sadness and Anxiety, by Releasing these Emotions from the Memories that Underpin them.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching

Understanding of how the ”Mind” works. Shifting Negative Emotions, Decreasing Stress, Releasing Bad Habits, Overcoming Phobias, Releasing Limitations, “Hacking” The Mind and Navigating Around Mental Road Blocks.The Information of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication. The Unconscious Mind. Acuity, Rapport, Representational and Systems. Sub-modalities, Linguistic Presuppositions, Phobias and Transformational Metaphors. Discover the Inner-Workings of both the Conscious and Subconscious Minds, Powerful Techniques for Communicating Directly with the Subconscious Mind and Conversational Hypnosis.

▶The Meta Model

▶Intonation and the Milton model

▶The Swish Pattern

▶Frames and Reframing

▶Sensory Acuity

▶Eye Accessing Cues

▶Basic and Advanced Anchoring - Resourceful States

▶Stacking - Resource Anchors

Master Spiritual Life Coach

A ”Master Life Coach” can be described as having an ”Additional Coach Credential”, aimed at Expert Level Coaching. The Coach must complete Additional Coach-Specific Training Predominantly around Teaching Coaching Skills to receive the “Master” Title.

”Master Certified Coach” Credential-Holders” are Highly Trained, Skilled and Experienced. They have Proven and Demonstrated their Knowledge and Highly Proficient Application of Code of Ethics and Core Competencies in their Coaching.

Spiritual Life Coaching

”Spiritual Life Coaching” is for clients who want to go ”Deeper and Beyond” Traditional Life Coaching.Develop Elemental aspects of The True ”Self”. Discover Personal Gifts, Organize Essential Logistics. Tap into “Intuitive Awareness” with Human Behaviors, which underlies Motivation and Reinforcements. What makes us Do what we Do, Choose what we Choose? How we Respond ”To” and “What“ causes Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Addiction Disorders. Learn ”Transformative Wisdom” from Ancient and Modern Life Strategists and Spiritual Teachers. Effective Techniques that have Evolved from Neurolinguistic, Psychological, and Therapeutic Inter-Disciplines. A Combination of Modern Psychology, Neuroscience and Spiritual Approaches that lead the way to the Transformation of Mindsets, Reaching a Peaceful Presence and the “Letting Go” Process of Limiting Beliefs.

▶Awakening Your Own Self-Mastery

▶Elevate the Levels of ”Inner Connection” that Go Beyond The Norm

▶The use of Intuitive Awareness and Apply Rituals For Success.

▶Achievement of High Level of Alignment and Balance

▶Develop a Congruent way to Live and “Own” Alignment

▶Integrate Your Mind, Body and Soul

▶Awaken Your True Spirit and Life Energy that goes Beyond the Physical YOU

▶Connect to ”The Deeper Clarity” and the True Connection and Meaning Within 

▶Find Your Individual Purpose of Spiritual Success.

Shamanic Life Coaching

”Shamanism” has its “Roots” in Ancient Indigenous Cultures and Tribes World-Wide. Teachings and Wisdoms from Medicine Men, Healers, Herbalists, Storytellers and Artisans. 
Applying this ”Ancient Wisdom” and these Powerful Techniques in our lives and blending in Creative Therapeutic Art Exercises, Movement and Sound Healing, Restores our Connection to Nature and our Higher-Selves.
Learn to understand ”The Meaning” behind ”Shamanic Rituals”, Animal Totems, Sound Healing and Mantras. “The Cycles of Nature” and “The Connection with “The 4 Elements”.

▶Return to ”Harmony” and ”Wholeness”

▶Restore Your ”Nature Connection”

▶Create a Personal “Sacred and Neutral Space”

▶Shamanic Art

▶”Shamanic” Therapy, Activities and Techniques

▶”Shamanic” Tools, Meditations and Rituals

▶Create Greater Harmony, Health and Wellbeing

Law Of Attraction Life Coaching

Applying the Principles of ”The Law of Attraction” to your Life, Relationships, Business and Career requires a Holistic Understanding of the Foundations of ”The Law of Attraction”.
Learn how to get yourself in a State of ”ALLOWING” Your Success. Cultivate Greater Self-Love and Confidence. 
Letting ”GOOD” Happen and ENJOY the actual Journey along the way. To be and stay “True” to whatever your Heart Desires are an “Art” in itself.
Learn how to Trust in Yourselves and find Your Own Answers and Solutions. Recovering from Major Life Challenges and knowing” When” is best to Take Action and ”When” it’s Not by Strengthening Your Intuition.
Learn the ”Science and Psychology” behind ”The Law of Attraction” and Gain a Better Understanding of ”The True Power ”of the Mind and where ”The Law of Attraction” and Psychological Research Intersect. 

▶Find ”The Path of Least Resistance” to the Greatest Well-Being and Success at ANY Given Moment

▶”Unlock” Blockages and Allow Ideas, Solutions, and Creativity to “Flow” Naturally

▶Experience Greater Clarity, Focus, and Excellence

▶Allow Abundance to Flow with Greater Joy and Ease

▶Get Your Brain Focused in the Right Direction

▶Why ”Visualization” works and Why it’s used by Athletes and Top Performers

▶How ”Affirmations” Rewire our Brains

Yoga Life Coaching

Learn “Ancient Yogic Wisdom” for Modern Culture. The “Whole-Self-Model” and the Physical, Mental, Emotional Body Releasing Practices for Transformation.
Caring for Energetic Self Strengthening, Spiritual/Intuitive Connection and Self-Expression. Release Tension, Increase Energy and Clear the Mind.
Understanding Chakras and Coordinating AsanaYoga Asana/Poses. Remembering and Re-Connecting with your Divine Source through Yoga. Create Soul Alignment and Shift Feelings and Beliefs. Improve Core Stability and Ground Inner Peace.
Practices and the Lifestyle of ”Ancient Yoga Wisdom”. Unblock Stuck Emotions and Open Your heart. Techniques to Clear and Direct Energy. Inner Wisdom and Your “True Self”. Increase Inner Strength and Wellbeing

▶Pranayama (Breathwork)

▶Using and Creating Mala Beads

▶Mindfulness Meditations


▶Mudras (Special Hand Positions)

▶Chakras (Energy Centers)

▶Mandalas (Spiritual Guidance Tools)

▶Creating Your ”Surrender Box”

Master Mindset Life Coach

A ”Master Life Coach” can be described as having an ”Additional Coach Credential”, aimed at Expert Level Coaching. The Coach has to complete Additional Coach-Specific Training Predominantly around Teaching Coaching Skills to receive the “Master” Title.

”Master Certified Coach” Credential-Holders” are Highly Trained, Skilled and Experienced. They have Proven and Demonstrated their Knowledge and Highly Proficient Application of Code of Ethics and Core Competencies in their Coaching.

Confidence Life Coaching

Learn the Psychology behind Self-Confidence and Proven Step-By-Step tools and Strategies to Grow and Develop a Confident Mindset.Build Confidence to quiet the ”Inner Critic” and Overcome Paralysis and Take Action.How to become ANYTHING you want. Understand the Patterns Behind Misconceptions and Self-Doubt.Get ” Action Tools” and Develop Social Competence, Social Confidence. Overcome Fear and Negative Self-Talk. Study “Brain-Training”, Self-Expression and Self-Care Tools.Learn Blueprints of Proven Processes for creating Self-Empowerment, Overcome Procrastination, Making Big Life Changes. Learn to Express yourself better and Improve your Competency in any Skill. Build Courage to ”Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone and Thrive. Deep-Dive into the most ”Up-To-Date Leading Edge” Research into ”The Psychology of Success” and what Creates Genuine Long-Term Unshakable Confidence.  

▶Develop the ”Core Underlying Belief” that Unlocks Genuine Confidence

▶Eliminate Self-Sabotage and Procrastination by Overcoming ”The 4 Traps of Self-Doubt”

▶Stop being ”Crushed by Failure” and ”Shrinking Back from Risk”

▶Turn Challenges and Setbacks into the Driving Force to Ignite Your Life

▶Feel Confident in Situations of Rejection and Criticism

▶Stop feeling Socially Anxious and Dependent on the Positive Judgment of Others in order to Feel Good About Yourself

Emotional Intelligence Life Coaching

Research shows that what Determines a Person’s Long-Term Success is ”Emotional Intelligence”. Study after study has shown that people with High EQ (Emotional Intelligence) have Higher Levels of Performance, Productivity and Problem-Solving Skills. 
Learn to understand ”Present Moment” Awareness and Emotional Intelligence Assessment. Managing Emotions and Stress Reduction.
Personal Power, Motivation, Empowering Thoughts and Beliefs.
Emotional Intelligence for Leadership and Strong “Interpersonal” Relationships.
Eliminate Negative Emotional Responses and Stop being Overwhelmed by Life Stress. Overcome feeling Stuck when facing Challenges and Socially Demanding Situations.

▶Control Your Emotions And Shift Your Emotional State

▶INTRApersonal Intelligence

▶Eliminate Negative Emotions Triggers 

▶Reduce and Release Stress And Better Cope With Life Events

▶Develop Healthy Empathy And Boundaries

▶Effective Listen And Communicate Strategies

▶Non-Verbal Communication And Body Language Techniques

(CBT) Cognitive Behavioral Life Coaching 

CBT teaches you how your Thoughts create your Emotions and Influence your Behavior. Learn how to have greater Control over your Thoughts and, therefore, Control your Emotions and Behaviors.
The Core Journaling Process and Growth Mindset. Understanding Cognition and Developing Awareness of Thoughts and Emotions.
How to Develop Self Awareness and understand your Behavioral Patterns using CBT Core Principles. Make Decisions more Rationally, including feeling more Confident making Hard Decisions and Reprogramming your Mind. 
Stop Self-Sabotaging Behaviors and Bad Habits using CBT Techniques.
Overcome Procrastination and learn how to Take Action in only 5 Seconds. Eliminate Incessant Worrying and Silence your Inner Critic. Overcome Fear and Inner Resistance. Manage Anger, Cope with Stress and Minimize Anxiety to Feel more Peaceful and Optimistic.

▶Self-Empower To Take Your Power Back Over Your Life

▶Get Unstuck And Stop Feeling Out Of Control

▶Overcome Procrastination and Stress

▶Control Thoughts, Emotions, and Reactions

▶Eliminate Self-Sabotaging Behaviors And Overcome Fear

▶Tame The Inner Critic

▶Minimize Anxiety And Negative Thinking

REBT Mindset Life Coaching

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy is the Foundation of Modern Psychology. REBT Insights and Techniques to Unlock The Human Potential. What Ultimately differentiates those who are Successful from those who are not. Change Irrational Beliefs and Emotional Disturbances.
Identifying Activating Events, Beliefs and Consequences.
Change Perspectives and Disputing Irrational Thinking and Beliefs.
Determining the Desired Effect, Taking Action & Creating Change. Avoid the Ultimate form of Failure, which is to Reach your Goals but still feel Unfulfilled. 
Finally feel in Control of Your Destiny. Own Your Thoughts, Emotions, and Behaviors. 
Create the Thoughts that Creates your Emotions. Empower your Beliefs and take back Control of your Life.

▶Be In Control Of Your Life

▶Develop Optimistic Thought Patterns

▶How To Handle Road Blocks

▶To Do What You REALLY Want To Do In Your Life

▶Overcome Negative Emotion Structure Patterns

▶Unlock The Human Potential