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Geo Slam Specializes in Exponential Spiritual Life Coaching for Celebrities, Business Executives and High Achievers.

He has been seen and featured in Fortune Magazine, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, etc and holds “Master Coach Certifications” in both “Spiritual” and “Mindset” Coaching. 

Geo Slam has designed "Awakened Awareness", a Unique 4-Dimensional Comprehensive Spiritual Coaching Program for Celebrities, Business Executives, and High-End Achievers. The "Awakened Awareness" Program is a 1:1 Training program that focuses on Deep Level Holistic Spiritual Coaching combined with Mindfulness and Emotional Mastery.

Uniting Body, Mind, and Soul by creating a Lifestyle of being “In-Spirit” and operating from Core Values are crucial for any Elite Level Performer and Individual to achieve true happiness and fulfillment while at the top of the game and on their Journey through Life.